About Petra Kelly

Petra Kelly brings a depth and breadth of experience from working in strategic communications at the Victorian Department of Premier and Cabinet. While working in government, Petra completed a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Commerce at Monash University and recently completed her Masters of Legal Practice, Government and Regulation at Australian National University.

The Agenda Group’s Seamus Bradley finalist in Australia’s top media awards


The Agenda Group's Seamus Bradley is a finalist in Australia’s top awards for digital and print publishers. RoyalAuto, which Seamus edits for the Royal Automobile Club of Victoria, is a finalist in seven Australian national 2017 Publish Awards for excellence in publishing, the most for any single title. RoyalAuto, which appears in digital and print, [...]

The Agenda Group’s Seamus Bradley finalist in Australia’s top media awards2018-01-16T01:42:17+00:00

The Electoral College: the US election results explained


As the US election results rolled in, you may have been asking yourself why Hillary Clinton led the popular polls for nearly the entire election, yet she still lost, and you may also wonder why so much campaigning time is spent in certain states. Put simply, it’s because of the Electoral College. The origins of [...]

The Electoral College: the US election results explained2018-03-06T03:00:08+00:00

2016 Nobel Prize for Economics: the importance of contract theory


Two weeks ago, Oliver D. Hart and Bengt R. Holmström were announced as the 2016 winners of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences, awarded each year since 1968, for their contributions to the field of contract theory. Contract theory informs the basis of our economy and everyday economic transactions, governing the deals that bind [...]

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The US primary system explained


You will have no doubt seen a flurry of articles in the last week about the Iowa Caucus and the New Hampshire Primary in the lead-up to the November’s US presidential election, but for those of us not born in the United States, the process is confusing, to say the least. The US process for [...]

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Fast Action Finance finished?


Recent case proves Australia still committed to leading the world in consumer financial protection Last week the Federal Court found that payday lenders, Fast Access Finance Pty Ltd breached Australia’s consumer credit laws with its diamond purchase contract business arrangements in a case brought shortly after Australia’s world-leading payday loan protections came into force in [...]

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Facebook poised to pursue election ad spend


For advertisers, elections are big business. Some experts are predicting 2016 will see roughly $1 billion spent on online political advertising in the US, and Facebook is positioning itself to capture as much of that spend as possible and hopefully capture some campaign dollars traditionally spent on television ads. The Canadian 78-day election campaign that [...]

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Short stays here to stay?


Melbourne is the latest in a growing list of major international cities to grapple with issues surrounding 'short stay' rentals and its market-changing behemoth, Airbnb. Tensions over raucous and sometimes violent parties in Southbank and Docklands apartment buildings yesterday prompted Minister for Consumer Affairs Jane Garrett to announce a seven-person expert panel to investigate the [...]

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PM’s Press Club speech: a more ‘consultative and collegiate’ government?


This afternoon, Prime Minister Tony Abbott made a crossroads speech at the National Press Club and promised to consult widely on decisions in future. The speech began on a familiar note, reminding the audience of Labor spending and waste, spending nearly 15 minutes cataloguing the Coalition government's achievements, the majority of which was devoted to [...]

PM’s Press Club speech: a more ‘consultative and collegiate’ government?2015-02-02T17:52:54+00:00

Intergenerational Report set for release within the week


The government is due to release the fourth Intergenerational Report in the coming week, showing Australia's prospects over the next 40 years and the impact of government spending spanning generations. Treasurer Joe Hockey considered releasing the report in late 2014, but now it's thought that the IGR will be timed to coincide with a refocusing [...]

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Election policy wrap


Campaigning 2014-style has reduced policy discussion to a series of daily announceables. No frameworks, no statement of principles, no reform programs to speak of. This election, family violence is receiving long-overdue attention, while environmental issues are surprisingly absent. Traditional areas like roads, public transport, schools and hospitals remain at the fore, though police (ie promises [...]

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