Senior Associate

Tony O’Dea, has extensive experience working at senior management levels within government environments and has previously worked as a journalist.

COMMUNICATING POLICY: Development and introduction of new policy inevitably affects the stakeholders impacted. Working closely with policy teams to translate and explain the rationale and impact of a policy, through the implementation of well thought through communications strategies plays a key role in facilitating stakeholder understanding and acceptance. Just some examples of Tony’s experience working closely with policy teams across government, include the Department of Justice and regulations introduction of new weapons legislation, emergency management communications to introduce Fire Danger Ratings and Neighbourhood Safer Places, and the introduction of the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning.

EVALUATION: Evaluation plays a critical role in helping Senior Management teams assess the impact of an initiative. Evaluation also provides insights into improved performance, and can underpin budget proposals for continuing an activity. Tony’s understanding of government communication and evaluation processes has providing him with a unique set of skills to deliver highly insightful evaluations for a number of significant government advertising campaigns (Summer Fire, Play it Safe by the Water, Police Recruitment, Heat Health). Tony has also provided analysis reports on performance of communications for agencies including the Department of Treasury and Finance, and evaluation communication response to events (Broadmeadows Tyre Factory fire, urban fringe grassfires, operation of the FireReady App).

INTERNAL COMMUNICATION: Large corporations operate more effectively when staff across all levels are working towards clear goals that are aligned to their work. The introduction of new ways of working, responding to changed environments and the implementation of cross-agency initiatives works better when well communicated. Tony has provided strategic communication support for a number of agencies including the introduction of Education State ABC communication framework for the Department of Education and Training, Emergency Management Common Operating Procedures, application of CFA volunteer initiatives (Jones Report), and the introduction of the new school funding model for the Department of Education.

CAMPAIGN MANAGEMENT: The development and delivery of major government advertising campaigns requires a deep knowledge of government approvals and procurement processes, experience in managing performance and value for money from external services providers, the ability to work with agencies to coordinate supporting communication activities, an understanding of the importance of research to inform key messaging and evaluation, and experience in working with media placement companies. While in government, Tony delivered a suite of government advertising campaigns for the Departments of Industry, Education and Justice. More recently, Tony has provided campaign management expertise to help project manage the delivery of Victoria Police’s recruitment campaigns and the Department of Health and Human Services Triple Zero and Heat Health campaigns.

COMMUNICATION PLANNING: Clarity around objectives and expected outcomes is the cornerstone for strategic thinking that underpins the development and implementation of a communication plan. A preparedness to view a communication through the eyes of the target audience to gain the best outcome for a client is also critical. Tony’s experience working with senior management and Ministerial offices across multiple departments as a public servant and in recent years in consultancy has provided him with a skills set that brings his extensive experience to bear in providing communication solutions through strategic planning and execution. A recent example is his input into providing communication positioning and strategy advice for the Adult Community and Further Education Board.

COPYWRITING: Succinctness, clarity and the ability to frame a strong narrative are important elements in presenting information aimed at informing and influencing a target audience. Tony’s experience in this area was honed in his work as a journalist, the writing of media releases and speeches and promotional material. More recently, Tony’s skills in this area have been used by the Department of Treasury and Finance in promotional documents highlighting Victoria’s Private Public Partnership capabilities to international audiences, and in promotional documents promoting Victoria’s Medical Technology industry and Global Health capabilities for the Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources.


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