Director, Regulatory Affairs

Peter is the former Executive Commissioner and Chief Executive Officer of the Victorian Commission for Gambling Regulation.

He was responsible for all aspects of gambling regulation in Victoria, including Crown Casino, 27,500 poker machines in over 500 venues, two public lottery operators, bookmakers, the TAB, Keno and charitable gaming.

Peter’s experience and understanding of licensing, compliance and gambling operations is unparalleled.

He has developed licensing systems, managed investigations, assessed gaming products, initiated internal control procedures for the casino and regulated the collection of $1.6 billion in gaming taxes per annum.

Peter is deeply aware of the social and economic impact of problem gambling and is able to assist corporations and governments to develop procedures and programs to tackle the issue.

He provides policy advice to governments, negotiating regulatory arrangements between parties such as governments, industry and regulators (particularly in the field of gaming), developing compliance regimes, drafting legislation and assisting industry to achieve improved regulatory compliance.

Peter was a Trustee of the International Association of Gaming Advisors from 2012 to 2018 and an inaugural member of the Advisory Board of the University of Nevada Las Vegas International Center for Gaming Regulation. He was previously Chairman of the International Association of Gaming Regulators in 2009-2010 and holds a Master’s of Science degree and an MBA.

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