Rhiannon Carter-Buntman


Senior Consultant

Rhiannon is an experienced political and policy professional with deep knowledge of government, strong communication skills and a proven track record in solving complex problems.

She is an adept strategic thinker with the ability to give sound advice, undertake research, conduct policy analysis and take a policy idea from development through to implementation while engaging stakeholders and navigating the political landscape.

Rhiannon spent eight years as a Ministerial Adviser in Victoria advising in the portfolios of Agriculture, Regional Development, Roads and Road Safety, Boating and Fishing, Innovation, Digital Economy and Medical Research.

Prior to her role in government Rhiannon worked at the Australian Council of Trade Unions, where she oversaw a range of strategic research projects including the ‘Working Australia Census’ a landmark survey of union members and one of the largest surveys of workers in Australian history.

Government Relations

Governments can be difficult to navigate, with her years of experience in government Rhiannon can assist in finding strategies to engage with government to have a constructive dialogue and help build relationships that can deliver results.

Policy Development

Good policy needs to be backed up by data and a well-considered approach that is informed by research, stakeholder views and the current public policy cycle.

Taking an idea to a fully formed policy proposal can be a difficult task requiring the ability to see the big picture. Rhiannon can provide pragmatic advice as to how to development a proposal to give it the best chance of success.

Strategy and Communications

Achieving cut through in a crowded public policy environment requires smart strategy and an effective communications approach. Building alliances, raising the profile of issues and understanding policy trends are all areas Rhiannon has experience in and can assist with finding the right strategy to give your agenda the spotlight.

Problem Solving

Finding solutions to complex problems often requires multifaceted solutions that are sensitive to the reality of the political landscape. Rhiannon has experience in addressing difficult problems and managing successful resolutions.

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