Damian Mannix



Damian Mannix works closely with CEO’s, board members and senior executives in the private and public sectors. Damian holds an MBA and is accredited by the Department of Treasury and Finance to provide services related to the Government’s approved processes for developing budget bids. He has lectured in government relations and  applied communications at Monash University and RMIT University and is a former Chair of the Program Advisory Committee at the RMIT School of Applied Communications. Damian is a current Vice President of the Australia Malaysia Business Council (Vic).

GOVERNMENT RELATIONS: Business and government may often have similar needs but they speak very different languages. Damian has worked with many organisations to ensure that they communicate effectively with government to achieve results.

COMMUNICATIONS PLANNING: In a fast-moving and ever-changing media/social media environment, communications planning is more complex and more important than ever. Do you need to identify a target audience, need key messaging, understand the competing interests of stakeholders? The options may seem endless but the solutions need to be targeted and precise.

STRATEGY: Identifying the right strategy is not always easy in public affairs.  Too much information, sometimes glaring gaps, multiple stakeholder perspectives and a little fuzziness around what the goal looks like can prevent organisations getting the right strategy to deliver an outcome.

REPUTATION MANAGEMENT: Reputation is hard earned and easily lost. When engulfed in a fog of innuendo, facing a minefield of media questions or swamped by community misunderstanding it can be hard for organisations and leaders to find clarity. Damian has a track record of working with senior leaders to identify opportunities, avoid pitfalls and maintain reputation and integrity.


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