The Victorian Electoral Boundaries Commission has released draft maps of the proposed electorates for the 2014 election.  Following public consultation with these drafts, the final maps are expected to be released in October 2013.

With only two redistributions in the past 20 years, and notwithstanding the historic population changes over the past 10 years, this review proposes a massive re-drawing of Victoria’s electoral boundaries.

But what does this mean? 

For most of us, we’ll probably still vote at the same school or hall with some different names on the ballot paper.

Does it help or hinder either of the major political parties? The ABC’s resident expert, Antony Green says:

While Labor on paper loses seats, it comes closer to achieving government based on a   uniform swing. On the old boundaries Labor needed a swing of 1.2% to gain the two seats needed for majority government. On the new boundaries Labor needs four seats but the uniform swing is now only 0.4%.

 For Antony’s seat by seat analysis, click here.