Director, Research and Data

Dr Kathleen Hurley has an extensive background in research, policy development and data analysis. Kathleen has worked in roles across the Victorian State Government including with the Public Accounts and Estimates Committee in the Victorian Parliament. Kathleen also has extensive experience in the higher education sector.
She has specialised in policy and research areas that include education and skills, regional economic development, trade and investment, and labour markets.
Kathleen has a keen interest in using complex data sets – especially the use of spatial analysis – to effectively demonstrate a need, help identify solutions and to build engaging and compelling narratives that help key decision makers.
She holds a doctorate in economic geography. Her thesis examined and analysed the spatial change across Melbourne’s urban industrial landscape over two decades and her findings have implications for planning and policy at the local level, residential land use activity, industrial activity and places of employment.
Kathleen’s expertise in research provides the evidence base that governments can rely on to make key decisions. She is highly skilled in the translation and presentation of technical data and evidence, as well as the development and structure of policy documents for strategic advocacy.

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